Jillian Broughton

A Graphic Design and Digital Media student at Laguna College of Art + Design.

Practicing Photography and Graphic Design between Laguna Beach and Seattle.

Creative Change

I am Jillian. I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. Except not. Really, I would rather be reading a Communication Arts while drinking a latte, or watching a cheesy ’80’s movie with some good Thai food. I am a girl. A girl with a dream. Who likes tomatoes, feminism, and Neil Young. I am originally from Seattle, where I conveniently fit the Seattle stereotype of collecting records, drinking coffee, and caring way too much about the environment. I enjoy reading and podcasts, on my drives to school you can find me listening to The Daily by New York Times or the latest episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You on the How Stuff Works Channel. I am also taking pictures just about everywhere I go, with everything from my iPhone to my Polaroid camera. In the future I aspire to be like Janis Joplin, Paula Scher, Nancy Drew, Beyonce, Jessica Walsh, and, of course, Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation. 

I currently attend Laguna College of Art and Design as a Graphic Design and Digital Medias major. I have a passion for design and love the work I get to do. My ultimate goal is to use my degree to one day create work for individuals and brands that promote justice; I want to be an advocate for those in need and for my work to make a difference.

Thank you!