American Association of University Women Scholarship

Attended the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders thanks to a full scholarship from The American Association of University Women, 

I had a really great time at NCCWSL and I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to attend! At the end of the conference I felt like I had learned so much and I am really excited to begin applying some of what I learned to my campus back home. I loved all of my workshops, my favorite workshops were "From a March to a Movement: Learn How to Ignite Activism on Your Campus” and “The Next Generation of Campus Activism: Collaborate for Change”. These two in particular were extremely helpful as they gave me concrete steps for starting something on campus, explaining how to be successful and inclusive. I took the most away from these and they helped me begin my plans for next semester. 

I also enjoyed the Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony and meet some awesome women that empowered and motivated me to be more active on campus. I was especially inspired by Danielle Feinberg, the director of photography for Pixar. She spoke about women in STEM and her personal challenges as a women in a male dominated field, I got to speak with her after her speech at the reception. She told me she knew of LCAD and was glad to see the school represented at NCCWSL. She gave me great advice as a women going into the workforce and I was super grateful to have gotten a chance to meet and speak with her. I also loved our keynote speaker Melissa Harris - Perry, she had some great things to say about the wage gap and was very informative. 

Overall I had a wonderful time and felt as though I learned a ton, not just from the teachers and speakers but from my peers and the friends I made when attending. My roommate at the event was an international student from Kazakhstan, hearing about the issues she faced in her own country’s education system was eye opening and gave me new perspectives on our own education system in America. Leaving the conference I have more specific goals and a better sense of direction for my work on campus. I think I will be able to take so much of what I have learned and be able to use it to make new and better spaces for students at LCAD.