b. 1986, HK.




A Graphic Design and Digital Media student at Laguna College of Art + Design. 

Practicing Photography and Graphic Design between Laguna Beach and Seattle.

Creative Change


I enjoy art not for it's beauty but for the way that powerful work can make people feel. I fell in love with the potential to change and influence from a young age, I wanted to affect people through my work. 

As I evolve as an artist, I feel compelled to find new ways to communicate a wider range of ideas. Growing up I always had a passion for social justice, and as I began to explore photo and design, I found that it could reach a more diverse audience with my images than with only my words. I began to create work with unique and profound messages, and I realized I was attracted to art due to it's greater potential for impact

Art has given me an avenue to voice my opinions and advocate for others, and helped me in every aspect of my life. It has shaped who I am and motivated me to pursue the opportunities I have had so far. I look forward to where my work will take me in the future.